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Who We Are

DaVannis Donaldson, Founder & CEO

At Donaldson’s Business Enterprise, we know you want to be an established entrepreneur. In
order to do that, you need a road map to financial success. The problem is a lack of education
and basic fundamentals which makes you feel devastated. We believe that with so many
resources available you shouldn’t have to do it alone. We understand the barriers of not having a
road map for building your business, which is why we are a trusted company with over 5 years
of business management & leadership training in addition to being Certified Business Credit
Donaldson’s Business Enterprise is ready to educate and equip entrepreneurs by teaching the
importance of Business Credit and using (OPM) Other People’s Money as leverage to build
wealth in your community.
Most businesses fail because they do not have the working capital to sustain their business. Not
only do I coach you on building business credit, but I also teach you how to leverage it. I’m sure
you’ve heard of the term “leverage” but do you know what this entails?
Too often entrepreneurs think that leveraging their business credit consists of buying inventory
and things they need to stay in business. Nah, try again-- leverage means using credit to make
more money to increase your wealth.
Here are just a few things I teach to ensure a smooth road map to financial success: building
business credit from scratch, leveraging business credit, specific strategies to your business
situation, new business entity formation, business fundability assistance and more. You will also
have access to freebies, printable, monthly zoom calls, and much more!

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